We start our winter period with lots of fun


Winter has a tremendous effect on our club. The colder it is outside, the warmer is at meetings.

Our chairmanСергей Рыбаков started our gathering by explaining how Toastmasters is similar to ghosts. Surely, a ghost story is the one that grips you so tight that you can hardly breathe. It holds your attention all the time. The same is with good speeches. You spend your free time listening to them, striving to become a good speaker.

Our guest from Dniprohills club Aleksandr Sinogub has taken our attention from the very beginning, talking about his favorite animals. Surprisingly, those were elephants whom Sasha admires. Our new member Ievgenii Velychko adores sport so much he even exceeded his time limits showing us useful exercises for your body.

After prepared speeches, a real fun has begun! At TT session our speakers have a task to choose three nouns out of the box and start their impromptu speeches with the phrase “You won’t believe what happened to me yesterday”.

Lyudmyla Povaliy got an owl, a crown, and a ghost. The moral of the story she told us: you may not be a princess in your real life, but keep searching for your own crown even if it’s hidden inside an owl in a dark, dark forest.

Kay Kyekyeku pulled out exams, an umbrella, and the moon as his words. Many of us would have been at a loss with a task like that, but Isaac presented us with the best way of dealing with the exams. All you need is just to grab an umbrella, find a bench in the park, and tell some interesting stories to your friends under the umbrella, looking at the moon. When

Yaroslav Rudinsky got a pig and a food mixer, my stomach gave a sudden lurch. It was a kind of a foreboding for a poor pig( The story turned out to be really gory, I won’t even mention any details. What I can tell you, Tarantino could easily invite Yaroslav to be his co-writer.

Oleksandr Stukalo got a strange combination of words: a dragon, sheep, and a bathroom. “I assume, everybody knows,” Sasha said, “that you can’t find a dragon in a bathroom. It’s an absurd and we are not kids anymore. But if you are strolling absentmindedly strolling down the street, you can see a dragon buying a chocolate bar in the nearest shop.” Unfortunately, you can’t see sheep, they are in the hiding.

Thank you for this splendid meeting. Hope, our next one will inspire me to write even longer essay))

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