To feel on stage like Steve Jobs and what it has to do with a toaster?

On Tuesday 7 April, 2015 Changemakers Toastmasters Club at the premises of Kyiv School of Economics is hosting its member, Andriy Zinkovsky’s training with the title:

“To feel on stage like Steve Jobs and what it has to do with a toaster?”

 Or how to win at a World championship of Public Speaking, “shine” at a diplomatic reception, “survive” at an exam and in the boss’ office?  


In this 55 min interactive presentation you will also learn World Champions of Public Speaking secrets:

  • How to tame your fear before and during the first seconds of your speech?
  • How not to “freeze” and not to forget what to say?
  • Why the audience should love you and how to avoid rotten tomatoes flying in your direction before and after your speech? J

Bonus: How to talk to your boss the right way?


Bonus bonus: you’ll have an opportunity to

  • improve your oratorship in front of a group of friends and
  • ask any questions (decent J)   on how to become a runner up of an International Public Speaking Contest.

DSC_0118-685x1024Speaker: DSC_0123

  • Andriy is a finalist of many Ukraine-wide public speaking contests, won second place in the 2013 International Taped Speech Contest and earned the highest public speaking recognition: Advanced Communicator/Speaker Gold with Toastmasters Int.*
  • Andriy is a lawyer, fluent in English, French and Italian, speaks some Polish, Serbo-Croatian, and learns Japanese.

Save your date and do not miss this bright event at Changemakers!


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