TT Contest 2015 winners

The Table Topic contest was held in our club

On August 25 the Changemakers Toastmasters club held the Table Topic Contest.

Daria Kireyeva, VP Education thought up a sophisticated question. Not difficult, not easy, the one, that gives participants a choice how to act:

Imagine you hardly persuaded your wife/ husband to sell your house and buy a brand new Lamborghini instead. Last night, there was a break out of a zoo, and an elephant lay down to rest on your car and smashed it. Explain to your wife / husband, why it is actually good for your family.

Many participants chose to play a role. Just like in a theater – to pretend they are a wife or a husband of the grief-stricken spouse. And they tried to convince their beloved, that the tragedy is actually not a tragedy, and it is really “for good”.

BTW, such a practice and experience is vital in real life and relationship.

Someone decided to become a philosopher and explain the audience that not a fact or an incident is what really affects us, but mainly it is our attitude. So, by choosing a correct attitude, we choose what actually happened to us.

This is an approach of outstanding people who made their characters firm.

And here is what the judges who also had a really difficult choice say about the contest:


The contest was great with a lot of strong participants. I enjoyed the impromptu speeches all of participants, especially the winners. That was the difficult question. But they handled great with it. My congratulation to all of you!


I enjoyed your contest greatly, very nice atmosphere, really good speakers, the winners

were superb.


Participants were very strong though question was veeeery tricky! I agree with the decision of other judges on the winners. Those who took the first and the second places were very strong technically. I believe that they will adequately represent the club at the district level. I liked the most the answer of Oksana, who is the 3rd. She has a great sense of humor.


I enjoyed the contest a lot – it was planned with the great attention to details, there were bright contestants and a very intriguing question. Thanks a lot for inviting me as a judge!

As usually, see photos in the gallery.

We are always eager to share our excitement and good mood with you on our meetings!

Changemakers express their gratitude to judges and guests and invite to attend the future events!

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