Speech Contest in the Changemakers Toastmasters Club

Speech Contest 2016

Wow, it was a remarkable evening in our club. Unpleasant wet and cold weather outside, but the conference hall in KSE was light, warm (sometimes even hot) and full of wonderful people.

Iryna Lomachynska (our dear friend from the Dniprohills club) opened the meeting and introduced the rules of the contest. A pleasant sense of anticipation was in the air and the speakers were ready to impressscorch the audience.


First was Darya Kireyeva, our VP Education. She told the audience about how our mind can play tricks with us. This was a story with many nerve-banding moments that didn’t leave anyone cold.


Then, Inessa Golik shared with us her experience of rambling over the mountains. Yes, there is always a choice – to spend time at home or on a beach having a rest that will be forgotten in a week, or to pack 20- or 30-kilogram backpacks and explore terra incognita. The second option will give you unforgettable memories and great pleasure yet trial your spirit according to Inessa.


The third contestant, Serhiy Rybakov, VP Membership, almost caused  panic by informing the audience that  any kind of processed meat has been added to a group of carcinogens. Another hard blow was coffee – people who drink it live less than those who don’t. But, there is a great consolation – coffee makes your sexual life longer! As Serhiy told, you decide whether to live longer or live better.


The fourth speaker Mykola Nikolaev delivered another bloodcurdling speech about a mother – the most precious one in everyone’s life. And now I know why Mama sounds similar in all languages. Call your mother and ask how she’s doing as soon as possible and do this regularly if/while you have such an opportunity!


On the contrary, Galina Nikonchuk – the fifth speaker – encouraged everyone to take one’s time and think well before making a fateful decision. Not only you will make a better choice being calm, but you will also be better prepared for drastic changes or extreme situations. Once again, there is ALWAYS some time before the stimulus and your reaction. Use this time to calm down, weight up your reaction and then act efficiently.


The sixth speaker was Alex Domanchuk, the Changemakers secretary. He inspired the audience with his success in goal setting. I’ve heard many times from different business coaches that only a written goal can be achieved, but only a personal story of a fellow friend persuaded and pushed me to write a goal on paper (even not in the organizer). Even more impressive it became when he achieved one of his written goals before our very eyes.


The next speaker was Inga Pazinich, who stressed the importance of weak ties. Definitely, you can’t learn a lot from the same people, but meeting new ones and developing a relationship with them will greatly enrich your life! This was Inga’s second speech and it was brilliant. She will defeat her contestants on one of the future competitions, you’ll see.


The eighth contestant was Yaroslav Fedorina. This witty guy prepared photographs that made half of the job. Otherwise, how a story about two abandoned power plant towers can be interesting? Ah, there was a trick – to share the experience that was impressing for him and has reflected in his memory forever.


The ninth speaker was Vasyl Hrygorovych. He also shared a story that changed his perception of the world. His message was to observe the surroundings and notice the signs of destiny. Maybe, it’s easy to notice, but the real art is to understand them and draw appropriate conclusions.


After that, the judges made final decisions and gave envelopes to the senior judge.

See more photos here

In the next post, you’ll find out who became the winners in this hot contest.



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