Rather effective standard meeting in October

At the meeting on 28 October, 2014 we found out that Yaroslav Rudinsky – a young guy, our newcomer – is rather successful entrepreneur and a very goal oriented person. We’ve got to know that for Natalia Ilina will be happy in a China village for some time at least, that Diana Pigilova knows at least 4 reasons why it is good to lose your well-paid job, that Lena Makarena’s prince need to find her wallet on the street first, that Mrs President and Daria Darya Kireyeva value human relations more than feel stressed about flood caused by tham, that our candy-timer Anna Lea once was on the edge of her relations break – nevertheless this brought her precious experience, Myroslava Skorobagatko prefers moving on than thinking about failures beforehand, Andriy Bohomazov would not suffer much if he broke his iPhone 6, Katya Mikula loses her wallets much philosophically than other people, Iryna Gegelska hates to see crying men especially if they are crying of their lost mobiles and Lyudmyla Povaliy adores to see smiling people after giving them back things they love. All these special details got out during the magnificent Table Topic session prepared by Serhiy Rybakov.
To understand what this all is about, to spend your free evening on Tuesdays with use, to accept challenge of speaking in front of audience, to practice your English do not lose your chance – come next time to Changemakers ))


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