Special training on the Art of Evaluation

Motivation is what everyone is trying to get to become a better professional. A good evaluation can inspire you for greater performances.

Here at Changemakers we learn not only how to deliver a speech so everyone will listen, but share secrets and insights on the Art of Evaluation.

Tomorrow is the day to get all the useful tips as our training is led by a person who needs no introduction as it seems almost redundant to list all his credits and achievements in Toastmasters.

The winner of the All-Ukrainian speech contest-2014  Ivo Kersten will share his tips on how to inspire others.

Spiced up with interesting tasks for you, this is going to be the dish you’ve been longing to taste!



While the winner (Ivan Atamanenko) is preparing for the tough competition in Poland and his competitors continue finding answers for the tricky question, we will tell you the story behind the scenes.


To understand why our participants fervently continue finding proper solutions, try to answer the question by yourselves. “There is a proverb: curiosity killed a cat. Please, explain, why?” After the question was uttered lots of stories with cats appeared on the stage: some of them were fluffy, some – aggressive, some – fictional, but all of them were created by inquisitive minds of our speakers. One our contestant even confessed that he has the middle name ‘Curious’ and is ready to change his passport details. Ivan Atamanenko, you definitely need to add some information into your passport – a visa for Poland for a change.

For those of Toastmasters who will stay with us in Ukraine, we would like to wish new challenges to take, new roles to fulfill and never to give up. No need for pitying, because you chance will come tomorrow!


Now we can reveal the name of the person who has created such a peculiar and tough question. She burnt lots of nerves and petrol to assure that everything will be conducted on the highest level. She has impeccable taste and a big bag of creativity; she is our lovely Area B4 Director Maryna Gotovkina!


It is important not only to have decent people to win and great performers to listen to but also to have the place where to do it. Thanks to Harms we had everything we wanted on the early Saturday morning: strong coffee, tasty cakes, and friendly atmosphere.


At the end, we would like to say that someone is not only behind the scenes but also behind this very post. If you hear the advertisement “Lelik and Bolik are organizing the PR campaign for the next TM event”, know that Julia Barchukova and Maria Kuzmenko are somewhere nearby.

Thanks for coming and see you again at the next unforgettable, inspiring, and unbelievable Area B4 event!

TT Contest 2015 winners

The Table Topic contest was held in our club

On August 25 the Changemakers Toastmasters club held the Table Topic Contest.

Daria Kireyeva, VP Education thought up a sophisticated question. Not difficult, not easy, the one, that gives participants a choice how to act:

Imagine you hardly persuaded your wife/ husband to sell your house and buy a brand new Lamborghini instead. Last night, there was a break out of a zoo, and an elephant lay down to rest on your car and smashed it. Explain to your wife / husband, why it is actually good for your family.


2nd KSE MBA OPEN HOUSE – Thursday, September 3 at 7:00pm

Dear friends, on behalf of our host, Kyiv School of Economics, we would like to invite you to spend your Thursday evening (September, 3) witnessing the opening of the second KSE MBA program.

If you are thinking of moving forward in your business achievements, this is an excellent opportunity where to start looking for it.

Come to hear how professors present their classes – last time Professor Tom Coupe explained some principles of statistics using examples from Homer Simpson movie, which is very Toastmasterish.

See you there!

TT contest is upcoming on 25th of August!

On August 25th we are going to hold a Table Topic contest!

The contest rules are simple: it is like a usual TT session, but with judges and a single question for all the participants (contestants will remain in the separate room and will be unaware of the question).

It is an excellent opportunity to feel the stage and your ability to influence the audience!

First two places will have a chance to participate in Area contest along with the best speakers from other clubs. If you win the Area Contest, you’ll have a chance to participate in a Division contest which will be held in Poland.

You can sign up on facebook or by mail or by contacting any of the officers. Any audience is welcome!


Results of Professional Speech Marathon

Dear Changemakers!

As you know on 8th of July speakers from our club took part in the Professional Speech Marathon conducted together with Chamber TM Club in Kyiv.


All of the representatives of Changemakers have shown the brilliant level of public speaking skills although all of them were beginners at Toastmasters.
Our newly elected VP PR – Yaroslav Fedorina – won the best nomination for every speaker at our community – People’s Choice nomination!

Join me in congratulating Yaroslav!
We are proud of you! And wonder… if this were your Ice Breaker – what would be your 10th CC project?…;)
The warmest congrats and wishes!