Meeting on 22 July 2014

Do you know what is Glossophobia? How to overcome your fear of public speaking? How to face your past fears? Should you appreciate your kids?

The people who have visited our Changemakers Club on 22nd July know all the answers.

Mr.Toastmaster, Graham Siebert, shared the quotation with us”Never in doubt, but often wrong”and lead the meeting.

Yuriy Nechayev informed us in his speech on the role of information in our life and gave a piece of advice not to watch any news or search Internet before going to bed. This is really a very important for all of us especially during summer, when we could take a walk and breath warm and pleasant night air.

Oksana Sayko encouraged us to get updated from young generation and was assuring that every person is a teacher in someone’s life. Throughout the meeting we had to recall our fears (fear of public speaking, fears from our childhood and youth), and these fears appeared to be very nice and pretty. Masha Kuzmenko did a great job and prepared a short training explaining how to overcome the fear of public speaking.
Lucy Povaliy arranged a great Table Topic session where our guests and members could talk on their fears. The most memorable phrases from that TT session:

— you don’t have any fear if you are in love (especially if you are a student) ,

— if you turn your face to your past then you turn your back to your future ,

— you have to think about something pleasant not to be afraid of something (for example, about dolls).

Dear friends, please overcome your Glossophobia (fear of public speaking),

be pro-active and come to our next meeting on Tuesday, 29 July 2014.

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