Meeting on 11 July, 2014

Meeting of the Detective Agency “Changemakers”

Dear friends, 
we had a wonderful meeting on Wednesday with a detective story and lots of fun!
A police officer from one local office visited our meeting to ask a piece of advice on what had happened in a room at the outskirts of the city.
He provided us with the crime scene and five pieces of evidence which had been found in the room. They were strange and unrecognizable so everybody in the room understood we could not help that poor officer.
The officer was not able to solve the riddle, but was very creative. By using her superpowers, she raised ghosts of five famous detectives – Monsieur Poirot, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Commisionair Maigret and Mr. Columbo.

The moment captured the scene, when Monsieur Poirot realised the task was so tough, he even lost his moustache. You know, only twice Poirot was mislead in his life, and on Wednesday it happened  third time. Even his little grey cells couldn’t help him.

Past Immediate Area Governor from Madrid (Spain) Alex aka Commissioner Maigret proved he was an excellent detective. He immediately understood that no crime had been committed and the stain of blood on the floor was actually  spilled wine. What a brain, Mr. Maigret! Bravo.

Want to check your Crime and Punishment vocabulary?
Solve this riddle.There is a crossword puzzle in the first worksheet.

The second contains a matching exercise and a close exercise.

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