Meet newly elected Officers’ Team of Changemakers!

This Tuesday was really a special meeting. Along with a standard program we managed to elect new Officers’ Team for 2015-2016 which enters their office starting from 1st of July, 2015. This year we did not have a real competition though in comparison to the previous year members were nominated for every officer’s position! It makes me believe that in a year we will be witnesses to the real competition in the President’s Office.


Nevertheless the following Toastmasters year our club will be managed by bright and talented people:

Secretary – Daria Kireyeva

Sergeant at Arms – Ihor Didevych

Treasurer – Oleksandra Osypova-Safronova

VP PR – Yaroslav Fedorina

VP Membership – Serhiy Rybakov

VP Education – Maria Kuzmenko

President – Katerina Mikula

Congratulations to the elected officers! They are taking a real challenge and we wish them be strong, organized and tight-knit!

Meanwhile the previous officers’ team is handing over the administration and preparing themselves to provide a strong backup for newcomers 😉

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