Elections 2015 at Changemakers

home-page-imageEvery year in June in each Toastmasters club a new officers’ team is elected. All members of the club who would like to take a challenge and manages a club’s life during the next year nominate themselves for the officers’ roles.

But WHY? you’d ask. What is the reason for me as a member to take an officer role and take some responsibilities in the club for the whole year? I have a very simple answer for you. At Toastmasters club – at our Changemakers club particularly – you have a unique chance to develop not only your communication skills but also leadership skills. For that you won’t get any money though you won’t get a strict and arrogant boss as well! No one can fire you for your mistake, any penalties or conversations on the mat. But you can take a chance to try yourself in different leadership matters interesting for you – to practice your organizational skills, to be in the skin of PR manager, to train your planning and interactive skills as officer responsible for education, to try your persuasive gift as officer responsible for communication with guests and members. If you’d like just to help somehow – help with “paper routine” or with meeting preparation. In any way you chose to support your club you’ll be welcome!

At our club we plan to hold elections on 9 June or 16 June, 2015 along with the standard meeting (impromptu part). Every member can nominate him or herself as a candidate for the following officers’ positions:

  • President
  • VP Education
  • VP Membership
  • VP PR
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Sergeant at Arms

More information about any of the roles above, you’ll find following the link: http://changemakers.kiev.ua/discription-of-officers-roles/


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