Did you enjoy our last meeting?

If you didn’t then read a few words about what you missed.

On Tuesday we had a really rich, diverse and in all senses hot meeting: one benefit performance, one distressing speech and a really entertaining table topic.



Sergey Rybakov, our handsome toastmaster opened the meeting and invited Kostiantyn Pisnya to deliver his first Icebreaking speech.




The speech was perfect. Kostya told about desperate searching for work and how… the work hunted him instead.

Then I tried “to get to the point” by convincing our toastmasters and guests to help our army. You can’t imagine what a feedback I got from Maria Kuzmenko – my dear evaluator. Believe me, I woke up a better speaker the next day.




The impromptu speeches were so offhand, that Ihor Didevych delivered his speech right after showing up on our meeting (out of the stateroom into the ballroom as the saying goes).









Every new meeting is really unique in Changemakers, so come and enjoy each!

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