Coming soon: Training session by Andrii Spivak (Zinkovsky) on 12th May, 2015

DSC_0102.jpgIt has already become a tradition to conduct trainings at Changemakers in order to support beginners at public speaking with tips and useful pieces of advice from masters of oratorical art. One of this masters is our member – Andrii Spivak (Zinkovsky).

On Tuesday 12 May, 2015 Changemakers Toastmasters Club at the premises of Kyiv School of Economics is hosting the next training by Andrii with the title:

Polyglot ABC: how to learn foreign languages on the go, raise up a multilingual kid and find time for it all?


In this 55 min interactive presentation you will also learn World Champions of Public Speaking secrets:

    • “No sweat” foreign language learning News+Book+Words+Advanced system
    • How to teach your kid at least two foreign languages by the age of 7?
    • How to find spare time for it all with Kaizen


Bonus: Learning two languages at the same time… Possible? Yes!

Bonus bonus: you’ll have an opportunity to:

  • improve your eloquence  in front of a group of friends and
  • ask any questions (decent 🙂 on how to become a runner-up in an International Public Speaking Contest.


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