Club Officers Elections – 2014

Dear friends!

You could congratulate us, as we’ve elected new officers team, which rule our club for the next educational year.

If you are unfamiliar with Toastmasters educational system, it is non-profit organization where everyone could find how to improve his speaking skills by doing projects and taking part in an impromptu session, but what more important he could find how to become a leader.

Six brave people decided to rule our club and help everybody to achieve their goals. So, welcome them!

President – Oleksandra Osypova-Safronova
VP Education – Maria Kuzmenko
VP Membership – Oksana Sayko
VP PR – Anna Tsurkan
Treasurer – Oleg Pokidko
Secretary – Galina Nikonchuk

We wish them good luck and may the educational force be with us. Always.


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