Changemakers in August

Dear readers!
Did you know that Changemakers is the club which takes no vacation during summer? We try to do our best not to lose precious time and priceless opportunity to work out our tasks to help club-members in their zeal for self-development. 

In August we spent marvellous and rather useful meetings: we heard approximately 25 unprepared speaches during the Table Topic sessions dedicated to public speaking using different topics and forms. 

 The participants and attendees heard around 10 prepared speeches. You won’t believe how interesting could be the Ice Breakers when you hardly know a person! The discoveries of this month for me are two handsome guys – Myroslav Moldovan and Denys Sosnin. The first told the audience about himself through his “in spite ofs” and “regardlesses” which for sure are mighty driving forces for majority of people. The second shared with us numerous of his hobbies which can tell about a person even more than his CV. Among speakers we also hosted our guest-speakers who were kindly demonstrating us well-prepared projects of their own as an example of structure and well-built line of thought: Iryna Piven, Graham Siebert and other.

 One of the most exciting project held at the club in August was Facilitating discussion held by Maryna Gotovkina providing her pieces of advice how to be a better Grammarian. 

Nevertheless the VP Education of Changemakers is striving every meeting to persuade us in necessity to be fans of Grammar as it is one of the core elements of successful language speaking. And honestly saying it seems she’s already managed!
We have met a number of new people as for example Rick Maxwell – the President of Gem City Toastmasters in Quincy IL (located next to the Mississippi River) and also Area 1 Governor. And met old friends as Maksym Danchenko who lives in Slovakia at the moment but used to attend our club for years before. 

One more fascinating news we received this month – we have achieved enough goals according our club’s plan to get the Selected Distinguished Club award! Actually this is just a ribbon but for a small and young club this means that we are going the right way. The officers’ team continues to lead the club towards success hoping to create and support strong and well-developed community of people who are changemakers themselves as well as for other people. We hope to see all the guests joining our club sooner or later ))  

Follow our news, visit our meetings, and change your outlook step by step together with us in process of developing your public speaking skills, leadership skills and practicing your English weekly as only practice makes you perfect.
Be active!

Oleksandra Osypova-Safronova
The President

P.S.  never listen to those who tell you it’s not pleasant to write “the President” )) if you want to try yourselves in this role follow our leadership track!

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