2 teachers, 10.5 hours, and 7 impromptu sessions

  That is how our Optimized-21first joint course on Public speaking for KSE students started.

The representatives of two strong Toastmasters clubs – Changemakers and Chamber – held a special course on basic skills of public speaking, something you always be needing in your everyday life.

How can you possibly seduce your audience into sharing your point of view, if it is diverse? How can you master your nervousness and make your body and voice work for you?

These and more questions we discussed during our 7-lecture course. Our students were full of energy, smart, and enthusiastic to prepare their projects, to make videos, to speak on the spot answering tricky and unpredictable questions. Our motto for this course was: less theory, more practice!

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Each student was filmed and evaluated, for the first rule of becoming a good public speaker says: Practice, practice, and practice on. You need to get used to your voice and gestures, as you are the most critical evaluator of yourself. If you are eager to achieve your result, everything is possible. Tips and tools from our public speaking community help to understand key information about this field.











Emotions were running high at our last lecture, as the vast part of it was devoted to Impromptu session marathon, which meant lots of tough and funny tasks, and, of course, certificates of participation from our photographer Tina Bychkova.

KSE students, you are amazing and we’ve missed you. Looking forward to seeing you next year at our new course, as public speaking skills are worth mastering.

Sincerely, your teachers Maryna Gotovkina (Chamber, Area Governor) and Maria Kuzmenko (Changemakers, VP Education)

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