Questions-Answers session with winners on the Division B level

This Tuesday, June, 6,  we have a nice opportunity to catch the winners of our Division B contests and ask them how was their trip to the Berlin Spring Conference 2017, how was it to meet winners from other Divisions and what do they like, those Toastmasters, what they were speaking of etc. The format – Questions-Answers session. So prepare your questions, save your time today in the evening and come to Changemakers to greet once again our winners

An interview with a professional speech marathon winner

Inga Pazinich

Inga Pazinich: “Make it red, make it blue, make it a pony”

Do you like marathons? As toastmasters we enjoy marathons, especially listening to them. How does listening applies to a marathon? The answer is few sentences below, just after the answer of how to write a winning speech.

Two weeks ago two toastmasters club – Chamber and Changemakers organized a professional speech marathon. A marathon where every speaker had to impress the audience using all skills they have learned.  A winner of the contest was selected by gathering votes from each one who came to the marathon as your voice makes a difference. 

Today is time to have an interview with the winner of the marathon – Inga Pazinich, a competent communicator, a valuable member of Changemakers club and a great story teller.


Changemakers speech contest!

Dear toastmasters and fellow friends!

Speech contest

On February 2 we’ll have a speech contest! Changemakers will show all the power of public speaking, storytelling, presentation, gesturing, humor and many more skills and rhetoric devices!

If you have the guts to participate – DO IT! Just make up a great story and tell it to your friends.

It’s really that easy!

If you are more a listener – then come and behold our speakers! It’ll be fun!

Afterparty in Changemakers

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

We, in Changemakers, fully comprehend this saying! That is why after each meeting we gather at Katyusha cafe nearby and enjoy wonderful tea and delicious sweets. Up-to-date news and English related subjects are hot topics.

You can join our warm company every week on Tuesdays!